Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good Questions

During home-school the other day, the Hippie asked one of her famous questions.  She wanted to know if God has a Mommy?  I love it when they ask questions like that.  She is famous for doing that and usually they come out of no-where! 
Yesterday was our family night and we started celebrating at lunch time!  I made pancakes for everyone.  They loved it!  When the Hippie enjoys her food she tends to eat quickly and without talking.  So I had my husband secretly time her and the Genius (our notoriously SLOW eater) to see the time differences.  The Hippie drank a glass of milk and 1 1/2 pancakes in 6 minutes.  The Genius ate 1 1/2 pancakes and a glass of milk in 25!  We got very tickled watching them.  The Hippie digs into hers and is covered in syrup and goo when she is done.  The Genius takes these tiny little bites and cuts every single bite with her fork and butter knife.
Sadly, no baby news.  Today was the day we were really hoping he would come, but he seems very content to stay where he is for now.  So I guess the waiting game continues!


Stacia said...

I love those kinds of questions too! Yesterday, Tristan my youngest came up to her daddy with a Bible in her hands turned to a picture of Jesus and asked "What does God look like?"
Children make it easy to teach them about God because they are so full of questions!

Julia said...

The little boy will have his very own birthday. Seperate from Daddy