Saturday, June 5, 2010

6 Year Old Stress

My husband went upstairs to check on the girls a few minutes ago.  The Hippie was sound asleep but the Genius was sitting up on her bed.  She said, "Daddy, I need to tell you something that is so awful.  You are going to be so sad Daddy."  She then proceded to show him the book about rainforests that she had been reading.  Evidently she stayed up to finish it tonight.  She began flipping pages and showed him a photo of a burnt field.  She said, "You will not believe this but every second a baseball field of rainforest is DESTROYED!"  Poor kid was pretty upset about it.  We thought it was pretty sweet and it also just hit us how much our baby is growing up.  She chose a book from the library, checked it out all by herself and then read the entire book and obviously comprehended it because she was hurting for the rainforest being destroyed.  I look forward to talking with her tomorrow to see what she has to say.  What a big girl she is becoming!

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Trinka said...

Poor girl!!!! (by the way, the book lied to her about the amount being destroyed.)

I remember watching a news story about mattresses catching fire, and being up all night fretting about it when I was about her age!