Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Check-ups and Crackers

I had my 37 week check up!  I cannot believe we are so close to meeting our baby boy!  Everything was great at the appointment.  The doctor checked me and I am now dialated to 2 and 70% thinned out and baby is still head down!  She said at the next appointment they would talk about induction but we are not in favor of that so I do not envision that happening.  She said they would only really push for it if I go past my due date.  I would rather wait and let the baby decide the timing.  I just hope he comes in June =)
While I was in my appointment, my husband and the girls had a picnic of juice boxes and lunchables.  The girls thought they were living large!  We will give them cheese and crackers at home but we never buy the lunchables....too expensive.  So this was a special day for them.  At one point the Genius said, "These crackers are good.  Why don't we know anyone who makes crackers?  I bet no one CAN make crackers."  Their daddy told them that some people DO make crackers.  The Genius said, "Yeah, but only two people actually COULD make crackers."  The Hippie said, "Um-hmm, God and Jesus." 
The girls have been attending a VBS this week.  They have been having a WONDERFUL time!  Tonight they are tie-dyeing t-shirts!  They have also made little stepping stones.  Every night they have had a wonderful snack and have come home talking non-stop about their lessons and the music etc.  I love that they are having so much fun.  My husband and I have been enjoying 2 1/2 hours alone each night! 
Hope everyone out there is blog land is having a great week!
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