Tuesday, June 22, 2010

38 Weeks

38 weeks along with our 3rd baby!  I cannot believe how quickly this has gone by!  Today I had my 38 week check up.  I had been having contractions off and on all day but I was still only at a 2-3.  I am still only thinned out to 70%.  But things are still looking good for the baby.  He was healthy and this appointment was special because my mom was able to be there and she heard his heartbeat! 
After the appointment my parents took us all out for dinner.  It was so yummy and I loved having a night off from cooking and clean up.  The weirdest thing happened though.   While we were eating I looked up and saw a guy walking with his shirt off.  A few minutes later a father and son came by with their shirts off.  This kept happening and I quit counting at 13!  We were all getting tickled at these shirtless guys walking past.  So we left and headed for home and my mom was still riding with me.  We had to stop for some gas and guess what??? The guy pumping beside me was SHIRTLESS!  Weirdest thing ever.  I was so glad to leave that town! LOL!

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Kristan said...

What you didn't get the message that today was topless day? You missed out on a great opportunity for a tanline free tan!