Saturday, January 23, 2010

"To Save a LIfe"

My husband and I went on a date today and saw the movie "To Save a Life". You can visit the website here. I tried to find a video to embed but they all wanted to be downloaded. However, you can visit the site and watch the trailer. It was one of the best movies we have ever seen. It has the power to change lives and if you have a child 12 and above. TAKE THEM! You may first want to read the review from pluggedinonline but the Christian message is ABUNDANTLY clear! It deals with some major issues and deals with them quite well. I could have sat through the movie twice. It was amazing! You have got to go see it! Every youth group needs to watch this. We will buy it when it comes out on dvd and when our girls are older they will watch this! I really just cannot say enough about this. I hope this movie does great and that we can see more movies like this in the main stream theaters. It deserves your support! Enjoy the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

My mom and part of her youth group went to see it Saturday night. She really really enjoyed it. She plans on buying it and the bible study that goes with it when it comes out on video. In fact, last night she re-wrote her Youth Group lesson for tonight to talk about what they got out of the movie. It sounds powerful, I can't wait to see it!