Saturday, January 9, 2010

15 weeks

We are 15 weeks pregnant today! This pregnancy is flying by so far!
I recently had a comment from a new follower and found out she has a blog. You have got to go by and check it out. She makes the most beautiful kids clothes! Here is the link.. While you are at it, you can also visit her daughter's blog! She also makes amazing things and is currently hosting a neat giveaway! Here is her link.
While I am busy posting links.... here is another great link.. My family and I were accepted into the Heroes at Home program this year. That is how we managed such a great Christmas! Thanks to the generosity of others I was able to shop for my husband with 1 gift card and he shopped for me with another. Today we spent our last one and got some much needed items for baby a bathtub! It has been a blessing to our family. If you are able and ever asked to donate to the program, just know you WILL be a major blessing to someone.
To finish up this very choppy, link heavy post.....
I won a gift card and Moby Wrap from this place!. I sat down to spend it on New year's Eve. I was able to get some wet bags for our cloth diapers, some snappis and a brand new Flip diaper! It was so much fun choosing what to get and even more fun opening it up today!
Have a great weekend!


Aprille said...

We spent $200 of our gift card money today on all kinds of stuff for the house and for us. :) It was awesome and we still have one left!

Kathy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the compliment!