Sunday, January 10, 2010


We have been seeing a rodent in our yard and set a trap to catch it. It accidently caught a squirrel! My husband (never one to let a science op. pass him by) brought it in to dissect with the girls. I gladly "hid" behind the camera! The Hippie was not real excited about it but the Genius was enthralled! I think it is so neat that our girls are not intimidated by those things. By the way, those pics are the girls watching the gutting of the squirrel!
After church today we stopped by a friends house. They were selling some baby items. We were able to get a baby swing and play mat type toy. I was so excited! That almost takes care of all the biggies! I am SO excited to find out if baby 3 is a boy or girl!


Trinka said...

It takes a bold fashion sense to mix plaids & stripes. :)

Glad you had a good day ... most surprised that the squirrel gutting happened INSIDE. Yikes. :)

Anonymous said...

So has the hunting princess stage passed or was she just not thrilled with the guts part?

Also, I always gut my squirrels outside too. That hair gets everywhere. :-)

I can understand wondering about town squirrels but too bad 'cause I have some good recipes.