Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Technically it wasn't really a snow day because I still taught the girls school! BUt outside was a beautiful winter wonderland (at least as much as you can hope for in the south!). Our family tradition is when we wake up to snow we make waffles! So we started our morning with homemade waffles! Then my husband left for work and the girls and I had school. After school I bundled them up in many layers and sent them out to play! They were adorable and looking like real snow angels! The Hippie has a minor condition that causes her to hurt real bad in the cold so I had her wrapped up so much she said, "Mommy I feel heavy and I did not know I could even wear this many clothes!" The played outside for over an hour and came in for a warm shower and lunch. I made homemade pizza for them. My husband came home from work early and the girls literally pounced on him wanting to outside again and make a snowman! Sadly, the snow wasn't packing but he played with them for another hour. They came in for some hot chocolate and leftover soup for dinner. It has been a beautiful, wonderfulm family-filled, memory making day. I have loved every single second! Hope your day was just as fantastic!


Morgan said...

Fun times!! We got to do the same... :)

Kim M. said...

We had to go to Louisville today for an appointment, but we are planning a play day tomorrow! My kids are BEGGING to make snow angles. They want a snowman too...we'll see. I'm not good at snow stuff...too cold and I like to observe from the window :)

Anonymous said...

Kayla and Grace
I would like to send some of this snow down to you.

Anonymous said...

We have abut six inches of snow--so
you could make a snow man here.
This has been a busy week. Judie has been busy taking me to Doctors appointments Been too cold to get out and do much else.
It is always good to read the blogs.
Love you all.
Pee Paw