Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cute Conversations

Several cute things happened with the girls today. The first was a conversation I overheard between the girls. The Genius told the Hippie..."Do you know the strangest thing happens every night? I get into bed and I am soaking hot, but I want to be comfy so I get under my blanket anyways. But by the time I am done reading I am not soaking hot but just comfy and cozy and ready to go to sleep."
The second was because of Girl Scouts. They were told they needed to make "helping hands" at home. They were to do good deeds and leave a helping hand behind. The girls were really excited about this! The Hippie made two and the Genius made 5. As they were cleaning their room for the night I could tell the Genius was working extra hard at keeping her sister on task and was helping her organize the books. When we went up we saw a "helping hand" that she had written all by herself and it said "Help your little sister".
I think our girls make me melt at least once every day. They are so sweet! Speaking of sweet, I hate spending money on myself but my running shoes were giving me blisters. It seems with each pregnancy my feet grow a 1/2 size. My husband knew they had been bugging me and came home today with a snazzy brand new pair for me! I love it! What a great day this has been!

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