Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something new?

Tell me what you know about this. Rapid Eye Movement Therapy. The girls doctor wants to try it and see if we can kick this dog phobia. Also, for the Hippie....ever since the attack she is terrified of doctors. Loves dogs, hates doctors. I have researched it and I see no issues with the therapy. I am not sure I believe it will work, but I don't see it doing any harm. I don't think that it goes against the Bible. But gathering opinions or information is always great! So please comment!


Trinka said...

I know a counselor who practices this, and she's all for it.

Some of the reading I did indicated that the eye movement part wasn't significant, but rather just rehearsing the trauma was beneficial.

I didn't read anything that said it would be BAD ... just some put more credence in it than others.

Kristan said...

Just wanted to give you my two cents for what it is worth. It has only been two months, I think her reaction to dogs is normal not unnatural. I would personally wait to see if over time it doesn't get better. After Olivia's trauma with the sex offender woman, she had nightmares, bed wetting fear of me leaving her in class alone for nearly a year. It was so hard to deal with, but I really felt it was a nutural reaction for a victim. Genius as a victim herself is going to have to make the adjustments. I would personally try to minimalize the issue as much as possible. If you do not react then she will see that things are ok. I am sure you have tried this, but keep it up. I would even be skeptical of Dr.s continuing to talk about it or be concerned with the fear (at least in front of her). I know what it is like to have your world rocked be an ordeal that was not you fault!