Monday, September 7, 2009

Future Weather Girl

We spent our labor day weekend with my parents celebrating my and my mom's respective birthdays. It was SO much fun! For my mom's birthday, us and my dad, got her an outdoor patio set. They had just bought a fire pit as well and we spent each evening with the TV off and a fire blazing in the fire pit. It was just amazingly relaxing. We went to a dairy farm, ate WAY too much food and enjoyed our time. Our girls get SO excited to be around Nana and Gampy that most mornings they are literally not capable of staying in their beds past 5:30 a.m. We strictly told them that the first number on their clocks HAD to be a 6. About 5:21 the first day, the Hippie came into our room and sweetly said, "Our clock is broken because the first number is just staying a 5". We told her to go back and on the dot of 6 they were downstairs. When we looked in their room, they had pulled a rocking chair and books over RIGHT in front of the clock. Too cute. This morning my mom said the Genius came downstairs and said, "Well it is 52 outside, the ground is wet but the air quality is good." I guess SOMEONE was listening to the radio!!! We were rolling!
For my birthday I got a much needed baking sheet, 2 new pots, my very own fire pit, a candle, some lotion and new sunglasses. But, then my husband said, "Wait. I think I forgot one." Guess what I got???? Brand new BEAUTIFUL opal earrings!! I love them and want to sleep in them I love them so much! It was the best birthday I have had in years!!!!!

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Kristan said...

Happy birthday. Sounds like a good one!