Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

I cannot remember if I blogged about the surprise we had for the girls or not. But we got a great deal on a little cedar cottage at Sam's. Yes, we did skip church today because we are all having coughs and colds and feeling kinda crummy. But my sweet husband spent about 7 hours putting together this cottage today. The girls were just so excited and helped him quite a bit. Getting into the spirit of things I snuck away into the kitchen and made some cupcakes. We then had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the girls. Enjoy the pics!


Miranda said...

The Hippie looks like Bethany did today in her baggy tshirt. Too cute!

Trinka said...

I can't believe that ratty t-shirt is still making appearances. :) I just thought it would be painted in, and thrown away. :)

The little house looks so sweet! The girls are going to LOVE it. Great idea to have a little ceremony. :)

karen said...

That is too cute!!