Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surprise visitors

I was able to surprise my husband today. His closest friend was the best man in our wedding. His friend called me the other day and said they were coming through our area. I arranged a time to meet, but did not tell me husband. Sadly, my lack of "poker face" gave away some clues but when we walked into the Applebee's and he saw his friend he was shocked! They had not seen each other in 6 years. It was a great visit! He had his wife and their youngest son with him. We all ate and then went to the Patton Musuem. After they left, the youngest said, "That boy sure was cute huh?" I thought that was adorable and their son is a very handsome 8 year old! I love being able to surprise my husband and loved catching up with our friends. I just wish we all could have had longer to visit.
The rest of the day was great as well. We went with my husband for him to practice an obstacle course, did our youngests riding lesson and made a YUMMY dinner! Tomorrow is Easter and will be another great day!

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