Monday, April 27, 2009

Faking it

After church on Sunday, we came home and loaded up our van and took the girls camping. Well, sorta. We kinda faked it. We rented a very small cabin, but barely spent any time there. My poor husband just did not want another night sleeping on the ground. I was happy to oblige! We had a complete BLAST! We took a family bike ride, hiked around a lake, let the girls dig in a huge dirt pile and of course, made dinner over a camp fire. We bought this little sandwich maker and had grilled cheeses and baked beans... followed up by smores. I wish I had photos but our camera was not working. However, try and picture this with me. We were getting the food ready and my husband was gathering fire wood. He had rolled over some stumps and logs (leftovers from our huge ice storm). I saw that they were perfect sizes for kids. So, we turned over a HUGE stump and it became the table. We got two small logs and they were the chairs. The girls ate there and called it their "stump party"! They were filthy by this point and we took them to the outdoor water pump thingy. I am not sure what you call but my husband said it is what farmers use. The youngest took a huge gulp of water and promptly spit it all over her sister. That started it. Those girls chased each other all around the site spitting water and laughing. They were soaked and 100% thrilled at the end of the night.
Another highlight was when we saw a snake. We think maybe it was a black rat snake but are not really sure. It rattled and struck at my husband (who was trying to pick it up). It was real exciting!
My husband made a butterfly net for the girls too. They love bug catching. He rented them a dvd about bugs and they liked the pinned bugs (the bugs people pin to boards etc...) He brought cotton balls, alchohol and an empty jar. He let the girls help him catch a giant bee, a wasp and a dragonfly. They took turns putting the bugs into the "kill jar" (Cute name huh?) Now he has to get the board and help them start their collection.
Tonight he kept the youngest home for special time and I took the oldest on a date and to her soccer practice. It was great!

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