Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Must read Book

I try and not ever suggest a book on here, but I have to let you know about this book because you may not run across it. My husband picked it up for me. It looked really interesting and all but to be honest I did not think I would really be into it. It took me by surprise and I really think anyone who is a parent, thinking of being a parent or is ever even around kids should read it. The book is called "So Sexy So Soon". It is NOT a book for your kid to read and it is graphic. However, it was very eye opening! I had it at the dentist and it sparked a great conversation with her. I know my husband and I are often viewed as the loopy parents. We home-school, we shelter and we are very strict about what they watch on T.V. The T.V. is never on when they are awake, except for PBS kids in the morning. They are not allowed to see commercials or movie previews. We do not watch anything for ourselves while they are awake. It may sound extreme but we prefer it this way and are very pleased with it. Now, I am not advocating that you do this AND neither does the book. So please don't be put off. It is seriously worth the time to check it out from the library, down load it and listen to it on your ipod or buy it. It will change the way you see the kids around you and give you glimpse into your kids lives and how hard it is for them to grow up these days. Please consider it and please let me know if you read it/have read it and what you think.


Trinka said...

Sounds interesting. I think recommending books is a GREAT idea. I'll see if I can track down a copy.

And if you guys are loopy parents, then you're loopy in a way that's producing obviously good results. It's worth a little personal sacrifice to give two little ones a good start in life.

So ... that Harry Potter movie I was planning to show them next weekend is out then? ;)

Just kidding!

Luke said...

It does look like something I should read. Thanks for the heads up!


Belinda said...

Sounds like an enlightening book. I'll have to check our library for it.