Friday, April 24, 2009


Not even if sure if that is a real word, but today was awesome! My husband did have to go in for morning PT but it was not the norm. They got to play with logs and tires and stuff. Afterwards we hit a local school. They had invited home-schoolers to come and see their Career Day. They had cars from all different companies and the kids got to hear about them and get in some. The girls liked it. Then we hit the riding lesson. You wanna talk cute? Our four year old rode the pony ALONE today! The teacher walked about 2 feet away and our daughter was in complete control of Sunshine the pony. She LOVES it! Let's see.... after that I took the girls to a playland while my husband took care of somethings. We all went to a park and held some worms and threw rocks and sticks. We went to see the movie "Earth". It was very good! The girls were quite intrigued by it! Did you know that elephants can swim? During the movie they show a cheetah stalking some gazelles. The youngest leaned over and said, "I think the deer thingy is trying to look sad so the cheetah will not want to eat it." Ha! If you go, make sure you stay for the out-takes! AMAZING! Finally we ended with soccer practice and came home for quick showers! Tomorrow is more of the same. AWESOMENESS!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the
horse ride. That sounds geat. so glad to open so many doors for the girls to

Trinka said...

Wondeful! Glad you all had such a nice day together!!!

Tell girls that a big, BIG rain storm is coming today. Wish they could come and play in the rain with me. :)