Saturday, April 4, 2009

Golden Day

Wow. Today could not have possibly gone any better! It started off by my husband waking up early and he grabbed the oldest and took her out to surprise us all with bagels. While they were gone her tooth came out!! Her first lost tooth! I felt a mixture of excitement and sadness. Where had the time gone? But, mostly it was exciting! After the morning excitement (and multiple phone calls) we set off for an easter egg hunt. Man, it was the perfect weather and the perfect amount of people/kids! The girls were in different age groups. The youngest went first and she was so cute! She ran past so many eggs to get the ones she thought were better colors. She definitely does not have that competitive edge yet. The oldest sure does, but there were only 3 other kids in her age group. They had hidden golden eggs, two per age group. Well, guess who found one? The oldest! She was ecstatic! She got a basket full of goodies! It just made her day! We hit a few garage sales and then ate at a very local little diner type place. It was not real good, but it was very relaxing! We ate outside and were all alone. My husband took me home and took the girls out to a park. I planned our meals for the week and vaccumed. (Yeah, I am beacon of excitement). When they came home it was finally time for horse lesson number 1 for the youngest. If that girl does not end up doing something with animals or horses I will be shocked! She was in her element... horses, dirt, horses, farm, horses, cats, horses, flowers etc... She got the groom the horse, saddle it up and of course ride it and give it a treat and an apple. The pony's name is Sunshine. It was the cutest little thing. I just cannot tell you how neat it was to watch her. While she rode, my husband and the oldest played catch and played the farm cats. It was a blast! She is such a natural around horses and animals. We left and she asked if she goes back tomorrow. It will be a long wait for her. But seriously, today was awesome! The weather was great and the girls were great and we all had the entire day together!


Trinka said...

SO neat!!!

Will youngest have a lesson in 2 weeks while we're there? I'd LOVE to see her ride. :)

LOVED the phone call from oldest too!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Grace! Maybe she will
take after her great grandpa and be a vet.

Loved the Phone call. Does the tooth fairy come to your house?