Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Long Does it Take

24 hours or less is the answer is our home.  But what exactly is the question?  Well, I want to know how long it takes after you clean your bathroom before it is nearly impossible to tell that you did clean your bathroom.  In our house it is less than 24 hours.  I cleaned the bathroom the other day.  I sort of have a schedule for which rooms get cleaned on which days.  Of course in between there is maintenance cleaning.  Well on this day I had done my big bathroom cleaning....bleaching out the sinks and toilet, wiping everything down including the tile portions of the walls etc.  The next morning when I flipped on the light I found nasty toothpaste leftovers caked onto the sink, fingerprints and water spots on the mirror, the clean hand towel was dirty and all askew, my nicely straightened towels were now hanging crookedly and where the kids keep their toothpaste, well, there was a toothpaste splotch on the tile.  It's not the place was trashed or that anyone was inconsiderate it just gets used.  We only have one full bathroom so 5 of us use it all the time.  But if someone had walked in there they might well have thought that I had not cleaned it in a week.  So how long does it take at your house before a freshly cleaned room looks dirty again?


Stacia said...

Funny, as I was reading this my oldest is in my bathroom cleaing it. I think 24 hours about right for my bathroom and maybe 12 for my girls, they are really messy lol!

Aprille said...

lol. In our house it's more like 2 minutes.