Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Times are Coming!

I am SO excited!!!! My husband has Monday off because of Veteran's Day!  We did not realize he had it off until a few weeks ago.  Meanwhile, I had a desire to take the kids away for a night of fun before the new baby makes his appearance.  We decided to take the plunge and take the kids away for that Sunday night.  The cool part is they have NO idea!  On Saturday night my husband and I will load the van while they are sleeping.  On Sunday morning we will wake up and have a normal morning.  We will tell the kids it is time for church and then load them up.  We will have everything stored int he trunk  of the minivan, including their dvd player for road trips.  The van will look like normal to them.  We will start driving and see how long it takes them to figure out we are on the wrong road.  Once they figure it out we will tell them and then stop and hook up their dvd players.  Our first stop will be either lunch or a snack and then we are off for the Creation Museum!  My friend works there and is letting us in for free.  Afterwards we plan on finding a Barnes and Nobles and letting the girls pick out a book and letting the Professor play on the trains there.  Our hotel (which is free!) has an indoor pool and offers room service.  We will eat dinner out somewhere and then let the kids swim and order desserts in the room.  On Monday we will get up and eat and go to the Aquarium.  I know the girls love going and cannot wait to see the Professors reaction to it all!  This week feels like it is going to go so slow because I am so excited to surprise them like this.  I love fun times with family!

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Aprille said...

awww so so so exciting!! i can't wait to hear how it goes!