Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big and Healthy

Tuesday was such a fun day!  I had my last ultrasound appointment.  A sweet lady from church offered to watch Benjamin for me.  The girls wanted to come with me to the appointment and see the baby.  I also invited our youth minister's wife to come with us.  We made a girls' morning out of it.  The appointment went so smoothly!  Our baby boy still has the hole in his heart but it has not grown and no other conditions are present so that is a big relief.  The baby looked so big and cute and cuddly!  On Tuesday we were just over 33 weeks and he was estimated to already weigh in at 6.6 pounds! Woah!  But I am not worried about a big baby since our other babies were on the larger size as well.  Plus those estimates can be off by a pound or more.  The best news is that he is head down and in the proper birthing position.  Woo-hoo!!!! 
Today I had my OB check up.  His heart rate was actually just over 140 today and everything looked good.  I am measuring ahead but again, our other babies have been big so it does not concern anyone. Tomorrow we will be 34 weeks which means at the most we have 6 week and 1 day til we meet our son.  Our whole family is SO excited! Well, not really the Professor.  He has no clue what is coming.  This baby will rock his little world. Ha!  The Professor is a bit of a mama's boy.  He loves me to hold him every morning and snuggle while we watch cartoons.  I know this baby will be a shock to him but he will adjust and it will be such fun to watch our 2 girls and 2 boys playing together.

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