Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where have I been???

I have been super busy.  We have had company two weekends in a row.  It was so nice and so much fun!  Then this past week we have had two meetings here at our house plus we are having a party for our Sunday School class Sunday.  I have been quite swamped.  But the real reason behind my lack of blogging is because Christmas came early to me. 
My husband came home the other night and after the kids went to bed he started acting fishy.  He said he had something for me and I just knew it was an animal.  I was so nervous because I cannot handle a pet right now.  He goes outside and a few minutes later comes in with a box.  Guess what it was???
A new laptop!!!
My best friend and I have started a great blog called Mudpies and Tiaras.  Blogging is a pretty big part of my day.  But my other computer just was not up to speed.  It would randomly shut down 1-2 times a day, took forever for pages to load and did weird things like entering 5 k's when I hit the button once??? Weird stuff.  He decided he wanted me to get an early present and I am so glad he did! I spent time this past week transferring some photos and things and getting all my accounts set here.  I am so happy and happy to be blogging with ease!

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StephieD said...

Aww sweet hubby! What kind did he get you? I got a new one for Mother's Day... Well, new to me. It's actually a refurbished Dell we got a great deal on. It's not fancy, but it runs my design programs, let's me blog, and goof off on Pinterest and Facebook so it's all I need! ;)