Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Start a Weekend

With good news of course!!!
My Progesterone went UP a full point over the past week!  My new number is 18.70.  My doctor said I will stay on the injections and the weekly testing for several more weeks.  They would like to wean me off the shots eventually and have my numbers stay up.  That may, or may not happen.  But no matter, it was still good news!  Tomorrow we will be 16 weeks along.  I cannot believe it!  This pregnancy has felt very slow since I have been at the doctors office so much (most weeks 2 times).  The office manager teased me last time saying it was good to see me at my "second home".  I am so thankful for the staff there though.  They know me, my kids and even my husband.  They really take care of us there. 
Now I am ready to enjoy the weekend.  Hopefully my husband will be home soon and we can have our Family Night!!

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