Saturday, July 21, 2012

Someone Turned 2!

When you turn 2, your day should be lots of fun! You should get to go outside and play in the water and have homemade popsicles!

Afterwards you should let your mom give you a bath and dress you up in her favorite outfit!  Then find your moms slippers, put them on and drive around the house.
Your mom will make your favorite dinner...mac-n-cheese and then your crazy grandpa will come over!
There will definitely be some yummy cake! leftovers.
And don't forget the presents!!!

The Professor is now 2 years old! He had a great birthday complete with his own swing and his first wagone!
We love you Buddy!

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Aprille said...

aww what a cute post and it sounds like a super-fun birthday!!! Ez turns two month night! AMAZING!!!!! PS I subscribed by email so once I catch up (I'm super behind!) I'll be able to keep better touch!