Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Wonderful Appointment

Yesterday I had my appointment for lab work.  If you have been pregnant, you know the one I mean.  Lots of tubes of blood.  Not a very fun appointment.  However, yesterday was different.  I had a nurse who really listened to me.  I am at that phase in pregnancy where I am feeling good, energy is coming back, no more ickies BUT too early to feel those movements or to hear the heartbeat at home on our monitor.  So, you worry.  I told her that so she takes me into a room and tries to listen for the heartbeat.  We could not hear it (which is normal) so she took me to another room and gave me an ultrasound!  I saw a tiny little foot and saw the heartbeat flashing on the screen!  Now I can rest easy again knowing that our baby is safe and healthy!  I was so appreciative of her listening to me and taking the time to make me feel comfortable.  It is just amazing every time you see an ultrasound and see the development.  Already the baby is looking less bean-like and much more baby-like! 

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*Ross and Katy* said...

What a blessing to have a nurse that understands! I had one like that in my OBGYN office too and it definitely put a lot of my first-time mommy worries at ease :)

congratulations again!