Friday, September 30, 2011

Cherished: A Book Review

I was given the book “Cherished” by Kim Cash Tate to review.  This book brings to life two characters, with seemingly nothing in common, and brings them together in a very unexpected way.  Now, to be very honest, I started reading this book and really was not enjoying it.  I was about three chapters into it and not really sure I wanted to keep going.  However, the description on the back of the book sounded so good I determined to forge head.  By chapter six, I was unable to put the book down.  While it starts off slow, it rapidly picks up steam and leaves you breathlessly turning the pages to see what happens next.  In retrospect, the reason the first few chapters feel slow is because they are laying important ground work for the rest of the novel.  The two main characters are Kelly; a wannabe song writer with a secret, shame-inducing past and Heather; a woman who slept with a married man and followed it with a one night stand with yet another Christian man.  I cannot say how these two come to know each other because I feel it gives too much away.  However, this book leaves you wanting book 2.  I am not sure if the author is planning a sequel, but if she does, I will snatch it up.  Hidden in the page of this fictional book is an example of pure, true love so amazing it inspires you to forgive and live your life differently. 

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