Sunday, August 14, 2011

Litter Bug

We use cloth diapers, hang out clothes on the line, recycle and collect our cardboard to drive to a recycling center.  So I guess most people think we are at least semi-green.  Our girls follow in our footsteps.  You can find them checking the bottoms of plastic bottles to see if they can be recycled or not and during school they bring home their empty juice boxes to recycle them.  The other day we pulled up in front of our local grocery store and I heard a horrified gasp from the backseat.  The Hippie said, "MOMMY! Why does this store want us to litter?"  I said, "They do? How do you know?"  She said, "Because that sign says 'To Litter'"  "Um...honey, that says 2 Liter". LOL!!  Hope you got a laugh out of this one!  Love our kids!!

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