Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who Makes the Rules?

Friday nights are usually our family nights! Even though we usually eat dinner together 7 nights a week, on Fridays we watch a kids/family movie or show and order pizza (or something Mommy doesn't cook). Last night we picked up some Taco Bell (dinner for 4 (plus baby 3 =) ) for $11)! We chose a Little House episode to watch. When it was over it was close to bed time and the girls picked some library books to read. Since I knew Presidents Day and Lincoln's birthday were coming up, I had chosen a bunch of books for kids about Presidents. We were explaining that the President helps makes all the rules and the Hippie said, "Oh, so he is the one who made up the rules for Red Light/Green Light!!!!" My husband and I lost it we were laughing so hard! Kids are cute and I love hearing what they think!


Cathy said...

Maybe we should let the kids be president and make the rules. Sometimes I think the world would be better that way. :)

Kathy said...

I am so glad to hear that kids still play "red light/green light". When I was little we always played it after church on Sunday nights.
Who DID make the rules for that game?

morgan said...

How in the world did you guys all eat for $11... LOL

They are so cute!!