Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun at the Aquarium

Yesterday the girls and I took a day off from school and I surprised them with a trip to the Newport Aquarium! To top it off, my parents took the day off and met us there! The girls were just going crazy with excitement! We had such a wonderful time there! There is this really cool diving cage simulator. You go into this small area with a huge screen in front of you. They have footage of great white sharks swarming a diving cage and whenever the sharks bumped the cage the floor would shake under you! It was amazing!!! The Hippie was scared but stayed in there with us. My personal favorite was the jelly fish area. They just looked so beautiful! The Genius said her favorite was all the sharks. The Hippie said she liked everything but the sharks. I think she really liked the crabs and sting rays and the fish that stayed towards the bottom. But the girls both agreed their favorite part of the day was when we got to hand feed the Lorikeets (very pretty birds). Gampy bought a cup of nectar and held it to feed the birds. One of the birds pooped right down the back of his neck! LOL! The girls thought that was incredible! LOL! They also enjoyed seeing the alligators and penguins. If you have never been I would encourage you to go. We went during winter days (Jan-Feb) when 2 kids get in free per paying adult. On a normal day it would have cost our family of 4 almost $80 to get in! I hate to say it, but that place was not worth $90, BUT if you can get discounted tickets or wait til next year and go during winter days you will have a great time!

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