Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well the polls are closed! It looks like most of you think we are having a boy! 19 voted boy and 7 voted girl! We hope to learn the real answer on Tuesday so look for an announcement either Tuesday or Wednesday. We really do not care what the gender is, we just want healthy, happy baby! We are both VERY excited for the ultrasound! We are praying the tech will clearly see the gender and be able to tell us. If the tech can't/won't we have an additional 4 week wait! That will drive me crazy if we have to wait, plus there is this HUGE consignment sale coming up and I want to be able to clothes shop for baby 3!
Even though it was very disappointing to leave our vacation so early, we are LOVING our time together! We still have 8 inches of snow and found a city park with great sledding hills! I am sorry I don't have any pics, but I am too nervous carrying the camera on the rough terrain. The girls are having a blast and totally wearing themselves out! My husband even pulled me on a flat icy part so I could get a small thrill! LOL! They are planning to go back out and play more in a little bit here. I hope everyone is safe and warm and enjoying your week too!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the girls are getting some play
in the snow. We had about 14 inches!!!