Saturday, September 22, 2007

Prancing Pastor

Today was loads of fun! I took the girls to soccer and then met my parents and sister to visit a State Park. At the park we fed fish and ducks, played in sand and then walked across a bridge to an amphitheater. That is where the true fun came. My dad, who happens to be a pastor, and the girls were putting on shows for us. My dad decided to do a show by himself. He came out to the tune of "Pretty Woman" and proceeds to prance and dance and do ballerina twirls ALL over the stage. We were laughing so hard! It was a riot!
The girls were wiped out. We came home and gave the dog a bath and then they went to bed. I can still hear them, but hopefully they will be sleeping soon.
As a sidebar, we rented "Christmas with the Kranks" last night and it is a very cute movie.

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Trinka said...

You know ... I can kind of picture that scene. :)

Sounds like a sweet day!