Sunday, September 23, 2007

Parents worst nightmare

If any of you happen to know our JUST turned 3 year old daughter, then you may know that we call her our "resident comedian". I also feel she acts just like my dad. Yeah. It's great. =) So, we are getting out of the car after church and she is finishing her lollipop. I noticed that it was gone and she was simply gnawing on the stick. I instructed her to go throw it in the garbage. She told me, "I can't because I am pretending that this is my smoke".
Can anyone please tell me where this comes from? We have no friends who smoke (to my knowledge). Any time we see someone smoking we say, "Ewww, they are making themselves sick, sick, sick." That is the extent of cigarette discussions in our household. The only TV they watch is PBS and I am pretty sure that Clifford and Curious George do not going around saying, "Anyone want a smoke"?
Anyways, I did laugh inside, but am still curious where this little girl came from!!! =)


Trinka said...

I've always been a little suspicious of Elmo, personally. ;)

Sharon said...

I love reading your blogs, but mostly I love being a part of the lives of those two little angel girls!

Kristen said...