Saturday, September 15, 2007

Party Day

Today was a BIG day in the life of our three year old daughter! She had her 3rd birthday party! We had 10 kids (under 6) and 11 adults! She really got a lot of cool presents.
Here is the funny thing.... for 6 months all we talked about was that she wanted a black snake cake for her party. This might seem common if she actually liked snakes but she doesn't! So a few weeks ago she says she wanted a rainbow cake. When I quizzed her as to the last minutes change of plans, I was blithely informed that "Black snakes can bite." She then informs me that green snakes are perfectly acceptable AS LONG AS the inside of the cake is a rainbow. Can you guess what my husband and I were doing at 11 last night? We were making a rainbow cake in the shape of a snake and my husband iced it to perfection. It was such a great looking cake and I think we used almost every dish in the kitchen (thank you Lord for our dishwasher!!).
If you thought this is funny, keep reading. So we are at the party, which was inside an ice cream shop, and the BIG MOMENT finally arrives. After six long months of planning it is time to cut the cake. We light the three candles, sing the required birthday song and finally, FINALLY cut into the snake cake. Guess what? She never ate it.
Guess what else? I still love the tar out of her and think she is so amazingly cute!
Sidebar, on the way home from all the excitement we passed a homeless man and she exclaims, "MOMMY! Santa is walking down the street!"


kendra said...

haha, i love the part about the homeless man

Allison said...


I'm gonna love this. Although I will miss the weekly e-mails. I would like my blog to yours, but ours is lame as it hasn't been updated since Dec. '06.

You need to post recent pics of the girls, I haven't seen any in awhile.

-Allison Raney