Sunday, April 22, 2012

Count Your Blessings....and then count them Again!

The Genius.  We sure do love her!  She is such a smart girl and loves learning and she loves helping around the house.  She is going to be an awesome baby-sitter when she is older.

The Hippie.  She sure keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing!  She loves art and being tickled!

And the Professor.  Who can resist his dark brown eyes?  Certainly not us or his sisters.  He loves to play and loves being outside whenever he can.

Yep.  We're POSITIVE! Making their appearance around Dec. 22, 2012 sweet baby 4!!!! The Professor will be a big brother!!!! We could not be more excited and appreciate all your prayers!!!!!!

God is SO Good!!!!!!!!


Kim M. said...


Trinka said...

woo hoo! New people! :)

Glen Wheeler said...

What wonderful news--when I first read it-I thought it said Matthew would have a brother. When I read it to Judie, I saw my mistake.
Just in time for a Christmas present!!The baby will be on and will get one.
The pictures of Kayla and Grace and Matthew are so cute.
After Judie gets back to driving in
six weeks and I think I am up to it, we want to come over. They all
are growing so quickly. I read all of previous blogs and smiled over
rolling down the windows. So proud of all of you and your family.
Pee Paw

Aprille said...

So incredibly happy for you guys!!