Monday, April 23, 2012

The Big Siblings

It is hard to know how the Professor will react to being a big brother, but the girls sure are excited!  They were so excited to tell their friends and teachers today at school.  The Genius really wants another brother and the Hippie really wants a little sister.  However, we all agree we just want a healthy baby!  Boy or girl.  We will definitely be finding out the gender with this baby.  I was leaning towards a surprise but with our loss in October, we both just need to know the gender this time.  I go on May 2nd for my first ultrasound.  I am excited and very scared as well.  This pregnancy is going pretty well so far.  I went in and had labs done last Saturday and Monday.  My betas went from 121 to 347 in just under 48 hours.  But my progesterone was low.  I am taking a medication to help with that so I had to go today for more labs.  This time my progesterone level was very normal.  The doctor wants me to stay on the medicine and then I go back in next Monday for more lab work.  As you can imagine all of us pray daily for this little baby. 

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