Monday, March 5, 2012


Today was interesting.  I woke up and 2/3 of our kids were sick.  I called the doctor and got appointments for them at 9:30.  Turns out our oldest and youngest BOTH had ear infections.  They are just miserable.  Our poor Genius got sick after the doctor looked at her ears and she threw up several times.  The Professor is just grumpy and is not eating.  He has lost a full pound.  Now the meds are giving him an upset tummy. 
However, my husband unexpectedly had the day off and he surprised me in a BIG way!  He put an address in my GPD and told me to follow it.  He gave me money and told me to buy a fountain diet coke.  And he gave me a mystery envelope.  When I got to the destination it was basically a parking lot in a chain strip mall type place.  I called him and sent me a text photo of the inside of a nail salon.  I went in and had an appointment for a pedicure and the envelope held the money to pay for it!!! How loving is that?

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