Monday, March 12, 2012

Heart of Gold

I was recently able to review the book Heart of Gold written by one of my favorite authors, Robin Lee Hatcher!  

The leading lady in this fictional book is Shannon.  She travels with her father to Idaho.  They are formerly from Virginia and Shannon is not at all sure that she should even be in Idaho.  She misses Virginia and all her friends that she left behind.  Shannon is unsure what purpose she will have in Idaho.  Then she meets Matthew.  His sister is a widow with a young son and she is sick.  Since Shannon had experience nursing soldiers she steps in to help care for the woman.  An unlikely friendship is started and Shannon begins to feel drawn to Matthew as well. 
If you want to know more than that read the book.  This one makes the list for a great summer read!  Especially if you are going on a vacation.  Pick up this book!

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