Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Gonna Happen

The house we wanted that is.  The house seemed so ideal for our family and had so many perks and bonuses however we chose to walk away from the deal.  The property was owned by Chase, and let me tell you, if you ever plan to buy a home through them READ THE ADDENDUMS and then go back and re-read them and then have someone else read them.  Seriously.  Their addendums were ridiculous and after talking with our father-in-law and each other we chose to just let it go.  I won't lie.  We are very disappointed.  However, we are also at peace and we know in the end, it really is just not a big deal.  We have survived job loss and the loss of a baby, a house literally means nothing.  So we are back to searching and seeing what else is on the market!

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Kim M. said...

Sorry you had to walk away, but glad you're at peace with the decision. I'm sure that just means God has something better in store for you!