Friday, July 1, 2011

Have I said...

how MUCH I love garage sale season???  Today I got the Professor's first birthday gifts for $3 and we got a new desk, desk chair and very special "seat" today and only spent a total of $40!! Plus there were some nice kids clothes included too.  Let me know what you think of the pics and if you have any special ideas for sprucing up the new seating!

He currently has a 4.0 on his MBA!  But lest you think he is all work....
Mmmmmm..... M & M's!

Yep, it is an old church pew!  We actually really like it!  I have a dream project for it when we own a home again.  But for now it adds MUCH needed extra seating and provided HOURS of fun for the kids today.
So, what are your thoughts?

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Stacia said...

Oh, love that church pew, how neat. My girls would love something like that too!