Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coffee Time

My first full day at the coffee shop is under my belt.  I had SO much fun!  I am so glad to be making coffee once again.  I came home to a (relatively) clean and organized house, happy kids, and an amazing husband who had even done laundry for me!  I was able to relax for awhile and then make homemade fajitas for dinner.  Now I am pretty tired and have another full day of work tomorrow, but just wanted to say hi to everyone!


StephieD said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying back to work. Its always nice to have something that is "just for you" which might be hard for some to understand, but I know you know what I mean :)

Mama Spaghetti said...

Nice! I worked at a coffee shop for a while in college. I still miss it sometimes!