Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Day

4 a.m. wake up call with two sick kids, 1 trip to the doctors office 4 prescriptions, 1 nebulizer, 4 loads of laundry, 3 meals, sweeping, mopping, 2 crying kiddos...I am exhausted!
The Genius had a fever of over 103.  She was diagnosed with a severe ear infection.  Maybe it where we live, but none of kids ever had ear infections til we moved here.  The Genius is days away from turning 8 and this was her first ear infection.  She was a pitiful mess.  She kept moaning and crying.  She took two naps.  She did not even had enough energy to watch tv.  She just laid.  It was so sad.
The Professor has bronchitis.  He is on round the clock breathing treatments.
All this leaves me wondering...when am I going to get sick?  I have been puked on, been changing nasty diapers, been sneezed on, coughed on, snotted on, cleaned bathrooms and been snuggling two sick kids. 
Off to get some sleep now and maybe take some vitamins =)


Trinka said...

Poor kids (you included!). :( Hope everyone is better soon, and that the vitamins keep your immune system strong!!!

Carly said...

You won't get sick! Your immune system is stronger cuz you're older. Yeah, it's just wishful thinking, but I know the kids are sick a lot more often than I am, so maybe the same will hold true for you...I hope.