Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dollar Deals

What a fun day! We went to a safety fair event and both girls got brand new FREE bike helmets and nice ones!  They also got snacks, balloons and got to enter their names to win a free bike.  Afterwards we hit our local farmers market and some thrift stores, garage sales and rummage sales.  Here are a few of our steals...(we spent less than $5 for everything pictured)!
^^^^^^ a pair of Heely style shoes for $1!

This was actually a lunch cooler, but it was easily attached to my bike and is plenty long enough to hold BIG water bottles!

A Talbot Kids winter dress coat...the coat looks brand new! I find it hard to believe it was ever worn.

A new fruit "bowl"!

A new candy jar for my dark chocolate stash!

A stack of cups, just right for all the little hands around our place.
And a shiny new tea kettle!
I also scored a great piece of real Tupperware, some GAP, Gymboree and Old Navy clothing too.  The day was a total success!

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*Ross and Katy* said...

I LOVE garage sales! It looks like you got some awesome deals-especially that coat! It looks brand spankin' new! Congrats on a great find :)