Saturday, February 5, 2011

Iced In

I will tell you one thing....getting snowed and iced in was a LOT easier when we home-schooled.  I am praying that we can home-school the girls again this year.  They went to school 1 day this past week.  When we home-schooled, it was no biggie.  We just kept doing school like always, there was no such thing as a snow day.  Doing home-school kept us busy til lunch time.  After lunch, it was play time for the girls and cleaning time for me.  The days just flew by.  But them being in public school sure changed that.  They have always been early risers.  So for the past 5 days they have been awake between 6-6:15 a.m.  Our house now is very small.  They have not been able to get outside much at all.  For three days we did not leave our house.  Now they are calling for more snow to top off all this ice we have!  It is looking like they will not have school Monday. 

Here are a few things we have done to keep our sanity in tact busy.  We have all learned a new game together, it is an old one, Othello.  We have played Pictionary.  The girls and I baked a cake.  I spent $4.99 on an Auntie Annie's At Home Pretzel baking kit.  We have cleaned, done laundry, made homemade pizzas and I will admit....we have given them extra computer time. 

Are you snowed or iced in right now?  What is your family doing to make memories?

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Cathy said...

We are not iced in, actually, we have pretty good weather here in TN. However, my kids have missed 12 days so far this school year because of previous snow and ice, so I understand what you are going through. We passed the time last year (when we missed 14 days!) by getting a $15 science kit. We would do one experiment everyday. They learned TONS about acids and bases and had great fun too. I bought another kit the other day for any future snow days this year. They can build an electric circuit with this one (it was $10).