Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hippie Turns 6!

Here she is with all her gifts!  She could not stand just looking at them! LOL!
For her, um, "special" birthday meal she chose ramen noodles!  LOL!  She is easy to please!
Here is the Piggy Face Carrot Cake.  I think it looks extremely homemade but I also think it is cute AND  I love making the cakes for our kids...even if I am not talented at it.
At last! The presents!  The gift that she and her sister are looking at is from my parents.  It is 2 dwarf frogs.   She named them Zigzag and Bubba.  They live in the eco-environment container and you feed them twice a week.  Seems pretty neat!  She also got a necklace, guitar (pretend), recorder, clothes, a new dolly and me dress, some horse toys, some cds and a few other neat gifts!  She had SUCH an awesome day!
But of holiday is complete without some antics from Gampy.

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!!! We love you!!!!


Paula Kathlyn said...

What an easy dinner huh? You did a GREAT job with the cake. Please tell Hippie that Caleb would have LOVED to have been at her party, and especially to help her with that cake :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE HIPPIE!!!

Belinda said...

What great pics! The cake is adorable! So hard to believe she's 6 already. Looks like she had a great birthday!