Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd week of school

The second week of school is rapidly coming to a close.  We got an email from the Genuis' teacher.  She said she is doing great!  She is talking to lots of kids, volunteers in the class and is speaking to almost every teacher...except her own teacher! LOL!  We are just so pleased!  The Hippie on the other hand is still not talking.  I wish we had a magic button to push and help her out.  The Hippie is excited though because of her upcoming birthday!  I cannot wait to bake a treat and take it into her class!  The Genius is excited because she gets to get a hot lunch at school tomorrow.  It will be her first time to go through the line.  Every other day we have packed a lunch for her.  The Hippie does not want to go through the line, she wants me to keep sending her lunch with her.  Such different girls and such sweet girls!  Last night they started Awana's again.  Both girls are very excited and it is nice for them to have an activity one night  a week.
The Professor had his two month check up.  He has gotten HUGE!  He is up to 14 pounds and 24 inches!  We could not believe it!  Sadly, he did not handle his injections very well.  He was sleepy and cranky the rest of the day.  But today he was smiling again and seems to be much better!  He is doing wonderful at night!  Most nights he is in bed by 10 and just up once for about 20 minutes and then sleeps til around 7.  Such a good boy!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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