Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Last night my husband took the girls to Awana's.  While they were there he went grocery shopping to get a few things we needed (yes, he IS that great!).  He also picked a few surprises for the girls lunches.  One of which was some white chocolate covered almonds.  I was so pleased and could not wait to pack them as a surprise in their lunch today.  After school I asked how their lunches were.  The Genius said she liked everything but wondered why I gave her chocolate raisins.  I explained that they were chocolate covered almonds.  She said she did not know that and had given them to her friend to eat.  When we got home I went to unpack their lunch boxes.  Inside her box I found.....the almonds....minus the chocolate covering.  EW!  Her friend ate the chocolate off and then spit the almonds back in.  I was beyond disgusted!!! We had a long discussion about germs and sharing with friends etc....  I hope to never experience this again.

On a MUCH happier note:
The girls have been able to walk or bike to school every day.  We go with them most of the way and then watch them til they get to the crossing guards.  When we picked the girls up today the Genius said, "Do you know what happened at the crossing guards today?  we had to cross with a whole FLOCK of teenagers!"  LOL!  Gotta love our girls! =)


Paula Kathlyn said...

Ooooo...yuck!!!! My day is coming...I am assuming boys are probably a little "grosser" haha :)
Glad they are enjoying school and that you get some one on one time with the little man!

Belinda said...

LOL! At least she shared ;) How neat that you are so close to the school!