Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be my friend

Recently we had a funeral at our church.  My dad coerced me into providing childcare during the funeral.  I really did not mind.  It is nice to get to do favors from time to time.  Anyways, there ended up being 16 kids.  Yeah. 16.  Mostly boys.  Well the Professor was a bit put out since kids kept taking things from him.  Eventually he settled down next to this boy who was "hulk smashing" everything in site.  The boy had just settled and was building a train track.  The Professor decides to help him.  The boy says, "NO! This is mine! Don't touch!"  I said, "It's ok.  He (the Professor) is just trying to be your friend and build with you." So, our son gets right up in the boys face and says (loudly), "Yeah BOY! You be my friend NOW!" 
Days later and I am still laughing!
He may need a different approach later in life...especially when he is ready to ask a girl on a date. 

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Trinka said...

Ok ... that approach needs some work ... :)