Saturday, April 6, 2013

A date no one knows

April 6, 2013.  Just another day.  But not for me.  You see, this was the due date for the baby that we lost.  Which means today we should have been celebrating a little someone's first birthday.  I think it explains why I felt so off yesterday.  The hurt of losing our baby is always near the surface.  Time does heal all wounds but the wounds are still there.  I still think about our baby.  I grieve for the child we will not meet til we get to Heaven.  But in those same moments I thank God for our Linebacker.  Without our loss we would not have him here with us today.  For most people today is just another day.  Another Saturday.  For this mama's heart, today is a day to remember and love the baby we never met and to praise God for the baby we get to hold in our arms today.

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