Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bless His Heart

Yesterday was our little man's appointment with the pediatric cardiologist.  If you recall, during our pregnancy they had discovered a hole in his heart.  They expected that is a "normal" hole and that no surgery would be needed.  However, I was still very nervous for the appointment.  We got there and of course, he decided he was starving.  One awesome thing about a Children's Hospital...the doctor says, "Oh poor guy.   Go ahead and feed him.  Take all the time you need and just open the door when you are done."  30 minutes later he was done eating and no one was a bit bothered.  They took him right back for the echo on his heart.  He was so unhappy.  I tried a paci, but he has never liked them and did not like it yesterday.  He screamed and cried.  But the tech got what she needed.  Then they wanted to do an EKG.  It was so scary to see all those wires hooked up to his tiny little body.  That test was very quick.  The doctor only kept us waiting about 5 minutes and then came to tell me the results.  The results were what we had expected and prayed for.  The hole does not need surgery.  It is evidently a medium sized hole.  A larger one would need surgery and a smaller one would have possibly escaped notice.  The doctor said no action is needed! Thank you Lord!  We have a follow up appointment in April.  The doctor did say that his hole has a 50/50 chance of healing itself, but that being medium sized it may always be there.  But it will not restrict him or cause any troubles.  We are very relieved and it reinforces that we chose the right name for him (if you know us in person then you know the meaning).
Today our little guy is one month old and I am filled with gratitude to have him here and healthy.

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