Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Time

My last time to write a blog post before this baby makes his debut!  I cannot believe we are to this point.  In some ways it seems like we have waited forever and in other ways I am shocked that he will join us tomorrow.  Either way, I am a bundle of emotions.  I have found myself hugging the kids a little tighter, snuggling the Professor (before his happy little world is rocked) and cleaning. Ha!  I am excited and nervous and happy and scared.  Please keep us in your prayers and look for an update soonish on our sweet baby!

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Miranda Rose said...

I so relate with all those emotions, so much is going to change and you know it. You are excited and happy but nervous and sad that life will never be the same in ways. Bittersweet! Praying for you tomorrow! I am so excited for you!! You deserve all the love and joy coming your way tomorrow, I know you are gonna snuggle up that boy and love him to pieces. Enjoy every bit of it!! Looking forward to hearing his name and seeing his face. {HUGS} from KY!!