Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Do you do Advent Calendars with your kids?  I grew up always having one and we have continued that tradition with our kids.  This year the Professor is old enough to have his own.  I am guessing in a few days he will start understanding to look for a new gift each morning.  We keep the gifts really small.  Usually it is a piece of candy, a pencil something like that.  I am also a fan a buying something like an 8 pack of cute socks and that takes care of 4 days for the girls PLUS gives them something useful.  Today the girls each got a new headband (and they will be getting headbands 3 more times.....Ha!).  The Professor got a new matchbox car.  On the 24th they will each come out to find a big gift and it will be their annual Christmas pjs. 
What traditions do you have?


Stacia said...

I had never even heard of Advent until I was in my 20's maybe so thats one tradition I don't do but my favorite is the reading of the "Christmas Story" as I call it otherwise known as Christs birth. My dad would read that to my siblings and I every year on Christmas eve. We would drink hot chocolate while we listened and then we would go to bed. I do that with my children now.

Aprille @ said...

I made a 12 days of Christmas gift calendar (wall hanging with pockets) and I'm excited to use it!